2017 Summer Split Signings

By TJ Porter
May 27, 2017

Echo Fox is pleased to announce the signing of three new members for its League of Legends team. Wang “Feng” Xiao-Feng and Brandon “Mash” Phan will join the roster and Nick “Inero” Smith will be joining the team as its head coach.

Mash is a veteran AD Carry who has played on teams such as Curse, compLexity, Coast, Team Impulse, Phoenix1, and, most recently, Gold Coin United. His depth of experience and existing synergy with Feng and Gate will help him make an immediate impact on the team.

Feng got his start in competitive League of Legends as the top laner for Team Impulse. Alongside fellow Echo Fox member Austin “Gate” Yu, Feng and Team Impulse earned a 5-13 record in the face of significant roster turbulence issues. After the Spring Split, the team secured its spot in the Summer Split with a victory in the Promotion Tournament. Feng left the team after it was sold and rebranded as Phoenix1.

Inero has been coaching League of Legends since 2015. He first coached mousesports through the 2015 European Challenger Series qualifier and led them to a fourth place 5-5 finish in the Summer Split. He later coached DreamTeam before moving on to his most recent position with Oceania’s Tainted Minds.

Echo Fox plans to utilize a ten-player roster for this split, selecting the players who will play in each game based on matchup, performance, and champion picks. Fielding a roster of ten players will provide each player with the opportunity to focus on their unique skills as well as get a different perspective on the competitive game. It will also give the team an advantage when it comes to adapting to any situation.

General manager Jake Fyfe is excited about the signings. “I am looking forward to seeing our talented new coaching staff unlock the potential of our complete 10-man roster. We have bolstered our team with veterans like Brandon "Mash" Phan. We have finally transitioned into a new training facility that can accommodate Echo Fox's rapid growth despite the success of our previous space. It is just another initiative that shows our commitment to providing the best player resources within esports.”

Echo Fox’s new roster will makes its debut on Saturday, June 3rd, against FlyQuest.