Echo Fox Announces Official H1Z1 Pro League Roster

By TJ Porter
March 28, 2018

Echo Fox is pleased to announce its official roster for the inaugural season of the H1Z1 Pro League. Echo Fox will be represented by Miguel “Pineaqples” Lopez, Ryan “Crank” Grandy, Aubrey “Prox” Cost, Derek “Sloth” Diaz, and Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton.

The H1Z1 Pro League, the first weekly, fully professional battle royale esports kicks off on April 21st, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The league’s fifteen teams will compete over the course of twenty weeks for a shot at the H1PL title.

The League is structured to provide a voice to all of the game’s stakeholders, including the teams and players. This will give Echo Fox and its players a hand in shaping the future of H1Z1 as an esport.

Miguel “Pineaqples” Lopez

Pineaqples is a well-known community organizer that has shown his skill as a competitor. He earned fifth place at both the Fight for the Crown and the Atlanta Elite Series team events, and scored 6th place finish in first game of the solo 2016 invitationals. At this year’s Royalty Showdown, Pineaqples earned 3rd place.

He has also organized events on his server, the Colada Colosseum, giving both professionals and amateurs and opportunity to compete.

Ryan “Crank” Grandy

Crank has played with teammates Pineaqples and Sloth for quite some time, spending time with them on Team Denial before moving to Echo Fox. With his teammates, he has earned two fifth-place finishes at team events. Crank also competed in the solo events at Atlanta, averaging a 25th place finish in the qualifying rounds. Crank earned a 6th place finish at this year’s Royalty Showdown.

Aubrey "Prox" Cost

Prox is a dangerous player who took home the award for most kills while placing second in the solo event at the Dreamhack Atlanta Elite Series. His ability to play aggressively, without exposing himself to the danger of an early death, makes him a fearsome opponent.

Derek “Sloth” Diaz

Sloth is an exciting player that has shown promise with his 5th place finish at Dreamhack Atlanta. Sloth brings a unique perspective due to the game thanks to his experience in a variety of esports outside of H1Z1, including League of Legends.

Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton

Sweetdreams is a young H1Z1 player who has already made waves in the professional scene. His career highlights include a first-place finish in the H1Z1 Elite Series Atlanta solo event and a tenth-place finish in the H1Z1 Twitch Invitational solo event.

The H1Z1 Pro League’s inaugural season kicks-off on April 21st, live from Las Vegas, Nevada. Make sure to tune in to watch Echo Fox take on the competition and fight for the title of H1Z1 Pro League champions.