Echo Fox Falls to Immortals and Cloud9, Secures 8th Place LCS Finish

By Tanner Hinders
August 6, 2017

Echo Fox went 1-1 in Week 8 of the Summer Split put the team out of contention for the playoffs. Going into the last week of the year, Echo Fox needed to pick up wins against top teams, Immortals and Cloud9, in order to avoid a relegation fight.

Immortals (0-2)

Game 1

Immortals Game 1

Froggen opened up the game with a surprise Talon pick that he used to pick up first blood during a fight in the mid lane. Soon after, Echo Fox would try to move the bot lane up to rush down the first tower. Unfortunately, Immortals cleared out the minion waves, giving Cody Sun the chance to destroy the bot lane turret for solo first tower gold at 9 minutes. Echo Fox was able to take down its first tower in the top lane after Immortals roamed bot to kill Brandini.

After a short fight that resulted in one kill for Immortals, Echo Fox lost two more towers. With Immortals up almost 3,000 gold at 13 minutes, they felt comfortable to go for the first dragon of the game. Immortals secured the Ocean Drake uncontested but a fight broke out soon after that resulted in two kills for each team.

After a roam bot lane from Immortals, Brandini was able to stay alive long enough to allow the rest of his team to show up and win the fight in a two for one. However, Cody Sun and Xmithie were able to push the top lane and grab another tower as well as the Rift Herald. Immortals used the Rift Herald to pick up two kills, a tower, and Mountain Drake shortly after. Meanwhile, Froggen made the most of the Talon pick by roaming around the map and picking up multiple kills for himself.

After winning a fight around Baron, Immortals secured a Baron buff and picks up a few more kills on over aggressive Foxes. Even with Baron and a 9k gold lead 26 minutes into the game, Immortals was unable to break into the Echo Fox base. A fight in the river led to a 4 for 2 in favor of Immortals and Echo Fox losing a mid lane inhibitor. With pressure on the Fox base, a second Baron went to Immortals. Cody Sun picked up a quadrakill as Immortals ran straight into the Echo Fox base. With no resistance left, Immortals take game one of the series in 34 minutes.

Game 2

Immortals Game 2

After Echo Fox lost the first game, Keith stepped in for Mash at ADC. Game 2 burst into action early in a bot lane fight that brought in 4 members of each team. The fight resulted in only one kill for Immortals but gave Brandini and Pobelter a lot of free time in their solo lanes. A good counter gank top lane from Akaadian helped give a kill to Brandini, increasing his lead. A tower defense gone wrong helped Immortals pick up two kills, the first tower, and an Infernal Drake before 7 minutes. From this point, Immortals began to snowball the game out of control.

For the next ten minutes, Immortals picked up scattered kills and towers. Multiple kills for Pobelter’s Syndra ensured that no one member of Echo Fox could match him. Immortals were able to brute force their way through any fight or tower takedown by playing through their fed Syndra and Twitch. With an 8,000 gold lead at 16 minutes, Immortals picked up two kills and the mid lane inhibitor while only losing one member. 

Constant wave pressure gave Immortals a free Mountain Drake and a 20 minute Baron. Baron buff helped Immortals ruin Echo Fox’s base by taking down all three inhibitors by 22 minutes. The combination of Baron and super minions from each lane meant Immortals easily took down the nexus turrets. A double kill from Froggen was not enough to save the game and Immortals take down the Nexus before 24 minutes.

Cloud9 (0-2)

Game 1

Cloud9 Game 1

Brandini showed up again on Shen by picking up a 1v2 kill for first blood against Impact. Echo Fox maintained a small gold lead for the next ten minutes, and during that time they picked up a Mountain Drake and another kill during a top lane tower defense. Unfortunately, Echo Fox gave first tower blood over to Jensen. Cloud9’s attempt for the Rift Herald would be thwarted by Echo Fox but Cloud9 used the ensuing fight to even the kill count back at two per team.

Sneaky was able to find a kill on Brandini as Akaadian secured a second Mountain Drake. A second attempt for the Rift Herald just before 20 minutes would see the buff go successfully to Cloud9. Over the next few minutes, Cloud9 took out three more towers and found a pick on Froggen.

Echo Fox felt comfortable enough to bait around Baron at 24 minutes only being down around 4,000 gold. The fight turned south and ended with Cloud9 finding four kills while only losing one member. This allowed C9 to quickly grab Baron buff while Froggen took a third Mountain Drake for Echo Fox.

After a quick reset, Cloud9 decided to go for the rest of Echo Fox’s previously broken base. A fight broke out with Echo Fox hoping to defend their bot lane inhibitor but Cloud9 quickly made it another four for one. After winning the fight, Cloud9 destroyed two inhibitors and used Baron buffed minions to end the game in exactly 28 minutes.

Game 2

Cloud9 Game 2

As with Saturday’s match, Keith subbed in after the game one loss.

An early gank from Contractz enabled Sneaky to pick up first blood onto Gate. Even with the first blood disadvantage, Echo Fox was able to keep the gold even with CS advantages and slow down the game. Another gank bot lane gave a second kill to Sneaky’s Tristana. Still, the gold was even at 10 minutes until a one for one fight in the river allowed Cloud9 to take down the Ocean Drake.

A fight broke out just inside the Echo Fox jungle and ended in another one for one. The fight gave Sneaky enough time to destroy the bot lane tower for first tower gold. Akaadian attempted a gank in the mid lane but Froggen was unable to finish off the kill. Support from the rest of C9 let them find two kills, Rift Herald, four turrets, and the top lane inhibitor.

Shortly after, Impact stole away the Infernal Drake but Echo Fox grabbed Cloud9’s first turret as a response. Cloud9 used their 5k gold lead and six tower lead to kill Baron as it spawned at 20 minutes.

With help from Baron buff, Cloud9 ran straight down mid lane. They quickly picked up the mid lane inhibitor tower and inhibitor. Echo Fox tried to start a fight to save their base but Cloud9 was too far ahead and found a clean ace. With all of five members of Echo Fox dead, Cloud9 destroyed the Nexus before 22 minutes.

Though the Foxes failed to find a win this weekend, Team Solomid’s victory over Phoenix1 secured Echo Fox eighth place in the regular season, outside of the relegation zone. Echo Fox will use the off season to look at its performance and find ways to improve going forward.