Echo Fox Remains in First Place After 1-1 LCS Weekend

By Tanner Hinders
February 6, 2018

Following the first two weeks of LCS play, Echo Fox was in sole possession of first place with a perfect 4-0 record. In week 3, Echo Fox looked to best CLG and OpTic Gaming to retain its spot at the top of the standings.


Counter Logic Gaming

CLG Match 1

Dardoch used his early aggression to secure first blood for Fenix with an early gank in the mid lane just after four minutes. Reignover responded by taking the Infernal Drake for his own team. A few minutes later, Dardoch killed huhi again with a return gank. Darshan grew a lead in the top lane after solo killing Huni after ten minutes and the CLG bot lane took the first tower of the game just before thirteen minutes. After securing Rift Herald, Dardoch brought her to mid lane and secured Echo Fox’s first tower of the game. The game slowed after that with both teams looking for an opening to break open the mostly even game.

After Fenix took another tower by split pushing bot lane, a fight broke out in the upper river. Fenix joined the fight late and picked up two kills but could not save the rest of his team as Echo Fox was aced. CLG was forced to reset but immediately returned to secure the Baron. Sitxxay was the only player to fall and the rest of Counter Logic escaped with the buff.

A stalwart defense from Echo Fox led to CLG only taking down one tower during the Baron buff. A great flank from Huni in CLG’s blue side jungle helped Echo Fox win a fight three kills to one. However, Darshan was not there and pushed his way towards Echo Fox’s bottom lane inhibitor. As one player returned to stop Darshan’s split push, the rest of Echo Fox quickly secured Baron for themselves.

The game was almost even in gold at this point and Echo Fox wanted to take down the Elder Dragon to give themselves an edge in the next fight. After multiple disengages, CLG finally found the fight that suited them. In the fight, Counter Logic not only secured the Elder Dragon but aced Echo Fox as well. Since Echo Fox’s base was already broken, CLG was free to walk in, destroy an inhibitor, take down the nexus turrets, and win the game just before forty minutes.

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Match 1

Echo Fox’s second game of the week started much slower than its first.  Neither team made aggressive moves for the first ten minutes of the game as both were content to allow their carries to farm.

Echo Fox was the first to make a move when Dardoch took the Ocean Drake after ten minutes into the game. Altec and Adrian then secured the first tower for Echo Fox. After OpTic started a lane swap, Echo Fox sent three people top lane to slay the rotating members. Altec found a double kill as part of the game’s first blood and Echo Fox took the first top lane tower. Dardoch then rotated to complete a sneaky take of the Rift Herald.

Another fight broke out near the dragon pit but Echo Fox was prepared. Huni utilized Gnar’s ultimate to stun multiple OpTic members and Echo Fox came out with four kills. As their prize, Echo Fox took the Infernal Drake, outer mid lane turret, and inner bottom lane turret.

Echo Fox also took down the inner mid lane tower after nineteen minutes to grow their gold lead to almost 10k right before the Baron entered the Rift. There was no time to waste and Echo Fox quickly took down Baron. After Fenix was caught out, Echo Fox found themselves in a three versus four team fight in the top lane. Fenix and Dardoch each found one kill but OpTic took down four Foxes. However, Altec never joined the fight and used it as a distraction to break OpTic’s base in the mid lane. OpTic continued to push their numerical advantage to take the Infernal Drake and pick up a few more kills. This was all a consolation prize since Echo Fox had succeeded in breaking OpTic’s base.

OpTic could do almost nothing with an 11k gold deficit while Echo Fox destroyed the middle inhibitor. There were a few smaller fights as both teams waited for Baron to respawn but Echo Fox still had pressure across the map. Unfortunately, Akaadian snuck through and stole the Baron buff. The buff helped OpTic defend their crumbling base and Echo Fox continued their siege. Since Echo Fox had pinned OpTic back in its base through side lane pressure and mid lane super minions, the team quickly secured both the Elder Dragon and the next Baron buff. This marked the beginning of the end for OpTic.

A great Kalista ultimate engage with Braum started a fight that ended as Echo Fox aced their opponents without losing a member. There was no one left to defend the OpTic Gaming base and Echo Fox won the game shortly after forty minutes.


OpTic Gaming Academy

OpTic Academy Match 1

Echo Fox Academy started the game strong off the back of OddOrange’s strong Jax play. At eight minutes in, a gank bot lane resulted in Echo Fox securing first blood and the first Mountain Drake. Shortly after, Lost and Papa Chau used their bot lane pressure to destroy the first tower of the game. Echo Fox Academy continued to push their advantage taking the Rift Herald, top lane first tower, and a Cloud Drake. A roam to mid lane helped Echo Fox secure the last outer tower before twenty minutes.

After finding a pick in the mid lane, Echo Fox soon turned its attention to Baron. Unfortunately, Kadir flew into the pit and stole away the buff with a well-timed Smite. This allowed Dhokla to split push in the bottom lane, securing OpTic Academy’s first tower and an Ocean Drake.

Luckily, Echo Fox Academy still maintained a gold lead and thwarted OpTic’s attempts to take more towers. Once Baron respawned, Echo Fox Academy set up to secure the buff. This time, Kadir could not steal it and Baron was secured by Echo Fox. OpTic Gaming Academy gave the Foxes no option for retreat and immediately initiated a fight.

They took down four members of Echo Fox with only Damonte escaping with the Baron buff. This gave OpTic an opening to take two more towers. OpTic Academy’s quick engage in the mid lane a few minutes later caught two members of Echo Fox Academy off guard. With two players down, OpTic was able to destroy three more towers and break into the Echo Fox base.

Echo Fox decided to go on the offensive and push towards OpTic’s mid lane inhibitor. Palafox had other plans and helped his team ace Echo Fox Academy. The opening allowed OpTic Gaming Academy to march into Echo Fox’s base and end the game just after thirty-six minutes.

Counter Logic Gaming Academy

CLG Academy Match 1

Echo Fox Academy versus Counter Logic Gaming Academy quickly turned into an extremely scrappy game as both teams fought for map pressure and an advantage over the other team.

Echo Fox kicked off the action with a four-man play in the bottom lane to secure first blood at eight minutes. The teams continued to get into skirmish after skirmish and in almost every fight, at least one player would drop. Echo Fox also got early objective control after they secured the first Infernal Drake at thirteen minutes and the first tower at sixteen minutes. CLG Academy quickly responded by taking the first top turret and Rift Herald. With the help of Rift Herald, CLG took both of Echo Fox’s bottom lane towers. Instead of stopping the CLG Academy push, Echo Fox sent four players to top lane to kill CLG’s duo lane before taking two towers of their own.

Both teams slowed their aggression once Baron spawned since neither team wanted to give up the buff for free. It was Echo Fox who reignited the fighting after picking off FallnBandit and using the opportunity to take Baron Nashor at twenty-six minutes.

Echo Fox Academy now had the resources it needed to break into CLG’s base. After destroying the remaining inner towers, Echo Fox set up pushes in multiple lanes around CLG Academy’s base. Even though the Baron buff had expired, another pick on FallnBandit gave Echo Fox the opening to destroy CLG’s mid lane inhibitor.

With Baron back on the table, Echo Fox started a fight in mid lane with hopes of ending the game off the fight. Counter Logic Academy had other plans and won the fight four to zero before rotating to secure Baron. Echo Fox Academy still had a gold lead of over 7k and used that advantage to stop CLG from taking more than one tower. Counter Logic then secured the Elder Dragon buff but was not enough to dissuade Echo Fox from fighting.

Both teams traded kills but Echo Fox was able to use their kills to secure the third Baron of the game. This time Echo Fox Academy walking into CLG Academy’s base and destroyed all three inhibitors. CLG was able to find two kills that would momentarily stop the Echo Fox push. Echo Fox reset their push by slaying the Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor. CLG Academy was set up to protect their newly respawned mid inhibitor. However, while the teams were fighting, Allorim slipped behind both teams to take down the final turret and the nexus to win the game after fifty-two minutes of play.

Even after the team’s first loss of the season, Echo Fox remains in first place in the LCS with a 5-1 record. Echo Fox Academy is currently tied for third place in the Academy league with a record of 4-2. LCS and Academy play will continue next weekend for Echo Fox as the teams take on league newcomer Golden Guardians and powerhouse Team Liquid. Week 4 will be a great test for Echo Fox on its road to qualify for the organizations first ever LCS playoffs.