Echo Fox Secures First 2-0 Week For New Roster

By Cas van Asseldonk
August 7, 2018

Going into week seven, Echo Fox sat in third place with two other teams. With the end of the second split quickly approaching, the team is fighting their hardest in order to secure a playoff bye. With the new roster, the foxes are in prime position to take on the enemies

Counter Logic Gaming
After a close start of the game, the teams were dead even after twenty-four minutes. Counter Logic Gaming led the kill count, but Echo Fox led in objectives. CLG summoned the Rift Herald mid then moved to Baron. However, the Foxes disrupted and won two team fights in a row. After securing the Baron buff, Echo Fox pushed down three inhibitors. CLG found two kills and forced the Baron and Elder Dragon. Echo Fox decided to fight CLG but while the enemy was distracted, minions destroyed the nexus to secure the win for Echo Fox!

TSM started the game aggressively, picking up five early kills. Echo Fox retaliated by pushing down the first turret in the bottom lane. The Foxes summoned the Rift Herald mid and took down their second turret, losing one member in the process. Echo Fox won a team fight top and evened up the gold after twenty-seven minutes. Shortly after Echo Fox found pick bot lane, TSM took the Baron buff for themselves. Echo Fox collapsed quickly to win the ensuing team fight. Both teams continued to trade kills, and TSM forced the second baron. Echo Fox threatened to take Baron but TSM went straight for the Fox base. With Huni split pushing on the other side of the map, TSM tried to retreat from the incoming Foxes. Echo Fox chased down the fleeing TSM players and took down two members. Lost teleported top lane to join Huni, who was already destroying nexus turrets. Dardoch managed to cancel TSM's recalls, giving Huni and Lost more than enough time to take down the nexus and win the game!

With that win, Echo Fox secure a 2-0 week and move up to share second place, just behind Team Liquid in first. With only two weeks left, the updated roster looks very strong and will try to defend their position in their race to Worlds.