Echo Fox Secures Organization's First LCS Playoff Spot in the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split

By Tanner Hinders
March 12, 2018

When Echo Fox joined the NA LCS in the spring of 2016, the team’s goal was to become the best. Unfortunately, visa issues plagued the team’s inaugural split and it failed to qualify for playoffs. The 2016 Summer Split came with its own problems and Echo Fox was forced to fight its way out of relegations.

During the offseason, Echo Fox proved its commitment to improving by adding promising new talent and a former world champion to the roster.

Echo Fox started off 2017 in amazing fashion but was unable to continue that success later in the season. After missing out on a playoff appearance for a third time, Echo Fox went back to the drawing board. In the summer of 2017, Echo Fox unveiled a brand-new ten-man roster, but for the fourth straight split, Echo Fox failed to reach the post-season.

Over those two years, Echo Fox added multiple teams across a number of games. Echo Fox became a dominant force in many popular titles, including fighting games, shooters, and sports games. The organization had just one team that was still looking for success, the League of Legends team.

Following the announcement that Echo Fox had been accepted to the newly franchised NA LCS, the team announced a brand-new Echo Fox roster consisting of Altec, Adrian, Dardoch, Fenix, and Huni.

Many worried that past issues the players had could lead to issues within the team and inhibit its success. The players and coaching staff quickly proved everyone wrong. Halfway through the 2018 Spring Split, Echo Fox was tied for first place with an 8-1 record. A few weeks later, Echo Fox had taken down multiple top teams to become the undisputed first place team in North America.

Shortly after taking the first-place spot, the new Echo Fox roster did what no Echo Fox roster before them was able to do. Echo Fox secured a place in the NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs. Unwilling to settle for less than the best, the team continues to work to secure a first round bye and its first appearance at an LCS Championship Weekend.