Echo Fox Earns Playoff Spot After 1-1 Weekend

By Tanner Hinders
March 6, 2018

Following week six, Echo Fox was only in need of one more win to officially secure the organization’s first-ever playoff qualification. Prior to the start of the split, many analysts and fans didn’t think Echo Fox was capable of making playoffs. The team found great success early in the split that proved everyone wrong. In week seven, Echo Fox was up against two teams that are in the lower end of the standings. However, the team needs to be prepared for every matchup if they want to secure their spot in playoffs.


Golden Guardians

Post Match Lobby against Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians immediately made their game plan known: pressure the bot lane. Their early aggression led to kills for both Deftly and Matt before five minutes. Echo Fox responded in top lane fight picking up three kills, but it was not enough to slow the Golden Guardians bot lane. There was little Altec and Adrian could do to stop their opponents from destroying the first tower thirteen minutes into the game.

In attempts to slow the bleeding, Echo Fox resigned to an objective trade. Dardoch secured the Eye of the Herald while Contractz took down the Cloud Drake. While Echo Fox’s bot lane was behind, both Huni and Fenix had begun to grow sizeable CS advantages in their respective lanes. Huni used his power as Trundle to destroy a tower of his own.

Seventeen minutes into the game, Echo Fox initiated a fight near their first top lane tower, picking up three decisive kills. Just as Echo Fox began to reduce Golden Guardians’ gold lead, Hai and Lourlo worked together to pick off Huni and then win a middle lane team fight.

Golden Guardians quickly moved to Baron and secured the buff before Echo Fox could respond. Echo Fox took down three towers while Golden Guardians reset but quickly found themselves out of position. Using their positional advantage, Golden Guardians broke into Echo Fox’s base through mid-lane, destroying their first inhibitor.

Realizing they were not strong enough to fight a straight-up team fight, Echo Fox resigned to defending their base. A fight quickly ensued outside Echo Fox’s top lane inhibitor. Even though both teams lost two members, Golden Guardians were able to destroy another inhibitor.

Echo Fox decided to make a risky Baron call and attempted to take down Baron before Golden Guardians could respond. Luckily, Echo Fox effectively held off Golden Guardians and secured the buff thirty minutes into the game. Unfortunately, there was little the team could do but defend their base.

Over five minutes went by before there was another kill in the game. Echo Fox started a team fight in the middle of the map hoping to end the game in their favor. Fenix found one kill but Golden Guardians had other plans and aced Echo Fox. The Echo Fox base was left defenseless and Golden Guardians won the thirty-seven-minute bloodbath.

OpTic Gaming

Post Match Lobby against OpTic Gaming

Once again, Echo Fox’s bottom lane was a clear focus point for their opponent. Early in the game, Dardoch attempted to invade OpTic’s jungle but Akaadian was there and picked up first blood. However, Dardoch continued his aggression and took down PowerOfEvil a few minutes later while ganking mid-lane.

Akaadian responded by ganking the bottom lane and getting a kill for both Arrow and LemonNation. Huni continued to dominate top lane again against Dhokla and, with some help from Dardoch, destroyed the first tower of the game eleven minutes in. Shortly after, OpTic sent all five members to the bottom lane and found one kill but could not press their advantage.

A teleport from Huni quickly forced OpTic away from the Cloud Drake, allowing Dardoch to secure it. OpTic then rotated up to the Rift Herald and secured that buff for themselves. Over the next five minutes, Dardoch became a terror across the map finding three separate kills. As Huni took down a Mountain Drake, OpTic felt comfortable starting a team fight in the upper river. After taking down two Foxes, OpTic quickly turned to Baron Nashor. Luckily for Echo Fox, Dardoch was still alive and assassinated Akaadian before stealing away Baron. With the help of Baron, Echo Fox established their map control by taking down two more towers. By the end of the buff, Huni and Fenix were over sixty CS above their lane counterparts and Echo Fox had a three-thousand gold lead.

With a lead in hand, Echo Fox dominated neutral objectives taking another Mountain Drake and a second Baron. Echo Fox now had the resources they needed to successfully break into OpTic’s base. After taking down the middle inhibitor turret, Echo Fox retreated in order to secure a third Mountain Drake. OpTic soon found themselves outmaneuvered and Altec destroyed the first inhibitor.  

Once again, Baron had spawned in the river. A fight quickly broke out and Echo Fox’s lead proved to be too much for OpTic to handle. Echo Fox did not lose a member as they aced OpTic. Huni quickly teleported to minions already in OpTic’s base and Echo Fox destroyed the nexus a little before thirty-eight minutes had passed.


Even though Echo Fox finished week seven with one win and one loss, the win was enough to clinch Echo Fox’s first-ever playoff spot! While this an amazing accomplishment for the organization and a joy to all its fans, there is still a lot of work to do. Echo Fox is sitting in a prime position to guarantee a first-round bye in the playoffs if they continue their success in the final two weeks of the split. Next week, Echo Fox plays Clutch Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming during their quest to finish the 2018 Spring Split regular season in first place.