Echo Fox Signs Injustice 2 Player Theo

By TJ Porter
June 26, 2017

Echo Fox is pleased to announce that it has signed top Injustice 2 player Jivan “Theo” Karapetian to its fighting game roster. Theo is an experienced Injustice player, who won MLG Anaheim 2014’s Injustice event, earned 5th place at Evo 2013 and took 5th place in Injustice 2 at CEO 2017.

Echo Fox FGC manager AJ Javier thinks the signing will help both Theo and the Echo Fox FGC team to improve, saying “Theo was considered a monster during the first Injustice, and he's already shaping up to be even better for the second. After speaking to him many times, I'm convinced that he's the type of player to not only make Sonic Fox and Scar better players, but himself in the process.”

When asked about Theo, teammate Dominique “SonicFox” McLean described his reputation saying, “If you had to ask me, ‘is there any player in the world you fear?’ I’d tell you ‘no one but Theo.’”

Theo will join SonicFox and Brad “Scar” Vaughn as Echo Fox’s Injustice 2 players. The addition brings Echo Fox’s FGC roster to a total of twelve players who compete in nearly a dozen games.

Keep an eye out for Theo and the rest of Echo Fox’s FGC team as they prepare for Evo, which starts July 14th.