Echo Fox Signs Julio Fuentes

By TJ Porter
April 29, 2016

When Echo Fox brought Jace Hall on board as CEO last week he made it clear that he wanted the team to expand into the world of fighting games. Echo Fox has done so by signing Julio Fuentes, a California based Street Fighter V player who has dominated the tournament circuit, including six consecutive victories in the weekly Churning the Butter tournaments last year and a more recent victory in the 2016 Texas Showdown.

Rick Fox is excited for the team to grow and break into a new sphere of competition.

"Adding Julio Fuentes to Echo Fox shows our commitment to fielding the best eSports teams on the planet. We want gamers to know that if you excel in eSports, Echo Fox will have a place for you. This is an awesome day for continued growth of our team."

Fighting games are among the original competitive game and they’ve seen a revival in the past few years. Echo Fox is excited to enter the fighting game community and happy to welcome Julio to the team.