Echo Fox Signs New H1Z1 Roster

By Cas van Asseldonk
November 21, 2017

Echo Fox is happy to announce the signing of five new players to its H1Z1 team who will be competing under the Echo Fox banner at Dreamhack Sweden.

Ryan “Crank” Grandy, Justin “Yogi” Deese, Miguel “Pineaqples” Lopez, Derek “Sloth” Diaz, and Aubrey “Prox” Cost will be joining Echo Fox.

All of the players except for Prox are joining Echo Fox from Denial Esports, where they earned 5th place at the H1Z1 Fight for the Crown tournament, as well as fifth place at the recent Elite Series at Atlanta. In Atlanta, Prox took second place in the solo event.

Miguel “Pineaqples” Lopez

Miguel is a well-known twitch streamer that has proven his skill as a competitor. He earned fifth place at both the Fight for the Crown and the Atlanta Elite Series team events, and scored 6th place finish in first game of the solo 2016 invitationals.

Ryan “Crank” Grandy

Ryan has played, together with Pineaqples, Yogi and Sloth, for team Denial, taking home fifth place with the team twice. Crank also competed in the solo events at Atlanta, averaging a 25th place finish in the qualifying rounds.

Aubrey "Prox" Cost

Prox placed second in the solo event at Dreamhack Atlanta Elite Series while taking home the award for most kills. He also showed up during the Invitationals 2017, averaging around 30th place.

Justin “Yogi” Deese

Yogi is a long-time H1Z1 player who has shown his ability to synergize with his new teammates. He’s also a threat in free-for-all matches. He placed 29th in the 2016 invitationals qualifier match one.

Derek “Sloth” Diaz

Sloth is an exciting player that has shown promise with his fifth place finish at Dreamhack Atlanta. He brings existing synergy with the team and a unique perspective due to his experience in a variety of esports outside of H1Z1, including League of Legends

Keep an eye out for them to dominate the competition.