Echo Fox Signs Punk

By TJ Porter
March 29, 2018

Echo Fox is pleased to announce the signing of Victor “Punk” Woodley to its fighting game roster. Punk is a relative newcomer to the fighting game community, but has already turned heads with wins at six major Street Fighter V events.

Punk got his start in fighting games with Street Fighter IV in 2009, but Street Fighter V is the first game that drew him to competition.

Punk’s first major tournament victory came in April 2017 when he took first-place at West Coast Warzone. He followed that up with a second-place finish at CEO and Evo, and victories at Norcal Regionals 2017, Dreamhack Austin, and the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational.

Punk is known for his exciting and confident Karin play, as well as his swagger both in and out of game. By joining the team’s current roster of Street Fighter player, Tokido, Momochi, and Justin Wong, he’ll make Echo Fox’s already dominant fighting game team even more exciting to watch.

“We’re honored to have Victor “Punk” Woodley, one of the most exciting names in the fighting games genre, join our Echo Fox family," said Rick Fox. “I’m confident his talent will continue to solidify our position as one of the leading esports organizations across genres, and will strengthen our roster at this year’s NorCal Regionals."

“I'm very happy to be alongside such great team and my good friend Justin,” said Victor “Punk” Woodley.

Punk will make his debut with Echo Fox at NorCal Regionals, starting March 30th. The tournament is the first Capcom Pro Tour event of the year, and the perfect opportunity for the newest Fox to show fans what he can do.