Echo Fox Signs Tekken Players JDCR and Saint

By TJ Porter
February 6, 2017

Echo Fox, the premier esports team, has signed two of the top Tekken players in the world: Choi “Saint” Jinwoo and Kim “JDCR” HyunJin. Both natives of South Korea, Saint and JDCR are already good friends and are known as the best tandem in Tekken.

“When we expanded our fighting game team last month we did it knowing that it was only the first step towards becoming a dominating force in the fighting game community," said Echo Fox owner Rick Fox. “By signing the two of the best Tekken players in the world, Saint and JDCR, we’re moving closer to that goal. I’m pleased to welcome them both to the team.”

"We still can't believe we are part of this team,” said Saint. When we first got the email and we saw the word "Echo Fox," we couldn't move and take our eyes off those two words. We realized our life would change from this moment on."

JDCR echoed the sentiment, saying “Becoming a pro-gamer has been always our dream. We are really proud of being on a team where we can view fellow pro-gamers as co-workers. We look forward to maturing as players with Echo Fox. We really appreciate them for this opportunity to grow together.”

JDCR and Saint join Echo Fox’s already dominant roster of fighting game players. Their exceptional history of success ensures that they’ll fit right in with their new teammates.

"I'm truly excited to finally be able to make some noise in the Tekken community, and to do so with players like Saint and JDCR make this move all the better,” said AJ Javier, general manager of Echo Fox’s fighting game roster.

“JDCR has always been a player I've had my eye on, and has proven himself to be a champion time and again. Saint, on the other hand, is a player you simply can't ignore -- the man has just been on a rampage in Tekken 7. What makes their signing even better for us is that Saint, JDCR, and the existing roster of Echo Fox, are all fans of one another. If I was looking for an intangible reason to sign Saint and JDCR, this is it -- the mutual fandom and respect from their teammates.”

Choi “Saint” Jinwoo

Saying that Saint had a dominant 2016 would be an understatement. He won EVO in a close match against defending champion Bae “Knee” Jae-Min and also claimed first place at The King of the Iron Fist 2016. With the pool of competition set to expand as Tekken 7 makes its way to consoles this year, Saint is dedicated to staying ahead of the pack.

Kim “JDCR” HyunJin

JDCR brings more than ten years of Tekken experience to the table, and it shows in his consistent tournament success. He earned first place in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at EVO 2014, the 2012 MLG Fall Championship, Final Round 18, and Final Round XVII. He’s also made splashes in Tekken 7, taking 4th place at EVO 2016.