EVO Japan Recap

By Tanner Hinders
January 30, 2018

The EVO Championship Series has traditionally been one of the largest fighting games events of each year. This year, EVO Japan was created to help kick off a new year of fighting tournaments. For the first major event of the year, Echo Fox’s fighting team traveled to Japan with hopes of continuing its 2017 dominance.

Street Fighter V

Tokido, Justin Wong, and Momochi all traveled to Tokyo to compete in the new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tournament at EVO Japan. Momochi and Justin both started off dominant, making it out of their groups without dropping a game. Tokido started off strong but in his final round one match was upset in by Powell and forced into making a very early Loser’s Bracket run. This only proved to be a minor setback for Tokido as he started a rampage through the Loser’s Bracket sweeping seven series in a row. Momochi and Justin also continued their winning ways to make it to round three.

Justin and Momochi soon found themselves in a Fox on Fox match with a spot in top thirty-two on the line. Momochi picked up one game but Justin emerged victorious.

In Momochi’s next match, he could not regain his momentum and lost the series 1-2 against Machabo, finishing in thirty-third.

Tokido’s perfect series streak was ended when he dropped a game to YoYoTai. However, Tokido refused to be stopped and won the match against YoYoTai and swept Alex Myers to qualify for top thirty-two.

In the round of thirty-two, Justin was dealt his first loss in his match against MOV. This set up another Fox on Fox game, with the loser leaving the tournament. Once again, Tokido refused to lose and eliminated Justin in seventeenth place. Tokido then swept two more series and qualified for the Street Fighter finals.

After an amazing Loser’s Bracket run, Tokdio continued to win on Championship Sunday, beating stormKUBO in a five-game series and sweeping Humanbomb. In the Loser’s Semi-final match, Tokido finally met his match in Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. Daigo’s Guile proved to be too much for Tokido to handle and Tokido lost the series 0-3. Tokido was Echo Fox’s final Street Fighter player eliminated, earning fourth place.

Tekken 7

Saint and JDCR both found amazing success early in the tournament at EVO Japan. Saint steamrolled his way through round one and two, earning himself a spot in top sixty-four. JDCR also qualified for the round of sixty-four by winning all of his series.

Saint kept up his winning ways with two quick sweeps in his first round of sixty-four games. Unfortunately, in the match to qualify for the finals, Saint lost his series to Knee and would be forced to make a loser’s bracket run. With only one series to win to secure his place in Championship Sunday, Saint won 2-1 against AK.

In a different group, JDCR did not find the same success and lost his first series to TAKE. Forced into a Loser’s Bracket run, JDCR was determined to keep fighting. He won his first series against Doujin 2-1 and then continued to win, sweeping three series in a row and earning a rematch against TAKE for a spot in Championship Sunday’s competition. The series came down to a deciding third match but JDCR was unable to pull out the win and ended his EVO Japan run in ninth place.

As the final Tekken Fox still fighting, Saint needed to make a long Loser’s Bracket run to the Grand Finals. His first match was against TAKE, who had just eliminated JDCR. Saint avenged his fallen teammate, eliminating TAKE with a clean 2-0 sweep. Saint won his next series against UlsanGoding.

In the Loser’s Semis, Saint found himself against CHANEL. After a close three-game series, CHANEL ended up moving on, finishing Saint’s run in fourth place.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

MKLeo made easy work of his first two rounds of group play in Japan. He quickly won multiple series to secure himself a spot in the top sixty-four.

So far, MKLeo had not dropped a single game and he continued that streak by sweeping Nietono to qualify for the Smash Wii U Finals. On Championship Sunday, MKLeo’s came out swinging sending Choco to the Loser’s Bracket with a swift 2-0 win.

In the Winner’s Finals, MKLeo was finally dealt his first game loss at the hand of Abadango. This was only a minor setback as MKLeo eventually won the set 3-2, securing a spot in Grand Finals. However, Abadango was out for revenge, working his way through the Loser’s Bracket and earning a rematch with MKLeo in the Grand Finals.

The two competitors dealt blows back and forth, taking one game each. With the series tied, MKLeo surprised his opponent by switching from Cloud to Marth. This was enough to help MKLeo secure a 2-1 lead in the series. Even with a lead, MKLeo wanted to keep Abadango on his toes and switched back to Cloud for game four. The second switch gave MKLeo the clear edge and he finished off the series 3-1 to become the EVO Japan Smash Bros. for Wii U champion.