FGC Team Takes Six First Place Finishes in Dominating Weekend

By Alex Beaven
September 4, 2017

The Echo Fox fighting game team was back in action this weekend at seven events around the world. With tournaments for five different games spread out across three countries, Echo Fox once again set out to dominate the competition.

PAX Arena

At PAX West 2017, MKLeo took part in a 12-man invitational Smash Wii U tournament. With round robin group play starting on Friday, Leo faced off against five other top Smash competitors.

MKLeo fought hard and had multiple close matches but only won a single set in the group stage, a 2-1 victory over Game & Watch player KOSSismoss. Despite a 5th place finish in his group, Leo still managed to take a spot in the lower bracket of Monday’s top 8.

In Monday’s top 8, MKLeo faced off against Donkey Kong player Konga. Leo managed to win one game of the series, but ended his PAX Arena run in 7th place after a 3-1 loss.

Red Bull Smash Gods and Gatekeepers

Red Bull hosted a special Smash Melee event in Los Angeles, California which featured a unique “Gods and Gatekeepers” 4v4 team event.

Mew2King was present, leading his own drafted team for the Gods and Gatekeepers battle.

With teammates IMT Shroomed, P1 Duck, and BOXR Zhu, Team Mew2King started their tournament run against Team Wizzrobe.

Despite fighting through a close set, a 3-2 loss against Team Wizzrobe sent Team Mew2King to the loser’s bracket early on.

Facing Team Plup in the first round of loser’s bracket, Team Mew2King advanced after a 3-1 victory, the group’s only loss being against Plup himself. Team Mew2King moved on to play against Team Axe, pushing forward with a 3-0 sweep to earn a rematch against Team Wizzrobe.

The second set against Team Wizzrobe went far better for Team Mew2King, with another 3-0 victory sealing their spot in loser’s finals against Team ChuDat.

Determined to reach grand finals, Team Mew2King won the loser’s final 3-1.

Team Mew2King’s stellar lower bracket performance landed them a spot in grand finals against Team SFAT, consisting of CLG’s SFAT and PewPewU along with Ryan Ford and ARMY.

Unfazed by the level of competition that CLG’s duo brought to the table, Team Mew2King quickly forced a bracket reset after a commanding 3-0 sweep of the first match. Team Mew2King continued their dominance in the final set of the tournament, fighting their way to another 3-0 sweep to claim 1st place at Red Bull Gods and Gatekeepers.

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Online

Momochi and Tokido competed in another installment of the Capcom Pro Tour online series this weekend, with both players fighting their way into top 8.

Momochi defeated Chris Wong 2-0 to claim his spot in the upper bracket, while Tokido was sent to the loser’s bracket after a 2-1 loss to AFG. Despite falling to the lower bracket, Tokido fought his way to a match against Xiaobao, winning 2-0 to advance to top 8.

In the first match of the top 8, Momochi squared off against Cyclops Osaka’s Dogura. Using Ken, Momochi made quick work of Dogura in a clean 3-0 sweep to advance to winner’s finals.

Tokido began his top 8 run facing Grapht’s Fuudo, following Momochi’s performance with a 3-0 sweep of his own to advance and face Dogura in loser’s quarterfinals.

Though he worked his way to a momentary 2-0 lead, Tokido fell against Dogura 3-2 and was eliminated in 5th place.

Momochi met Mago in winner’s finals but was sent to the loser’s bracket after a 3-0 loss. In loser’s finals, Momochi avenged Tokido by defeating Dogura 3-1 and advancing to grand finals.

In a long grand finals set, Momochi again faced off against Mago, forcing a bracket reset after winning a close first set 3-2. In the final set, Momochi fought hard and won the event with a clutch 3-2 victory.

With a 5th place finish, Tokido gained 20 more CPT ranking points while Momochi’s 1st place finished awarded him 160 CPT points.

East Coast Throwdown

The final Injustice Pro Series Premier event took place at ECT 2017, where SonicFox and Scar both looked to collect some final ranking points leading up to the IPS Finals on September 17th.

Despite a hard-fought tournament, Scar just barely missed top 8 at ECT but still earned himself a notable 13th place finish.

Meanwhile, SonicFox battled his way into the winner’s side of top 8 to face off against Biohazard. Using Red Hood throughout the set, SonicFox was unable to overcome Biohazard’s Deadshot and was sent to the loser’s side of the top 8 early on after a 3-1 loss.

SonicFox faced RNG WhiteBoi in his first loser’s bracket match, winning the set in a clean 3-0 sweep and advancing to face A F0xy Grampa in loser’s semifinals.

Using three separate characters in the match, SonicFox emerged victorious with Captain Cold to achieve a 3-2 win and move on to face Semiij in loser’s finals.

SonicFox was warmed up and ready to fight Semiij’s Catwoman, pushing his way into a grand finals rematch against Biohazard after a 3-1 victory.

In the first set of grand finals, SonicFox was confident and prepared to fight in a Deadshot mirror match. Winning the first match 3-0, SonicFox forced a bracket reset and looked to secure a victory at ECT. Staying focused as ever, SonicFox swept through Biohazard in an overall 6-0 grand finals win to achieve a 1st place finish.

SonicFox’s 1st place victory at ECT further solidified his #1 spot heading into the Injustice Pro Series finals, while Scar’s performances throughout the Pro Series earned him enough points to qualify for a #16 seed in the finals tournament.

First Attack

Instead of attending ECT 2017 with SonicFox and Scar, Theo traveled to Puerto Rico to attend First Attack, an Injustice Pro Series ranking event.

Coasting his way into winner’s side of top 8, Theo only lost a single game during his first three bracket stage matches. His first top 8 match resulted in a 3-0 victory over Castillo-flow7, advancing to face DR Gross in winner’s finals.

Theo defeated DR Gross 3-1 in winner’s finals, awaiting an eventual rematch in grand finals which Theo also won in a quick 3-0 sweep. Theo’s 1st place victory guaranteed his spot as the #3 seed in the Injustice Pro Series finals.

Tokyo Tekken Masters

Saint traveled to Tokyo this weekend to play in a special one-day event, Tokyo Tekken Masters. This master-tier Tekken World Tour event was stacked with notable players from the Asia region, with each player pool looking incredibly challenging and unpredictable.

Saint dominated the competition in his tournament pool and earned a spot on the winner’s side of top 8 after a 2-0 victory over Korean player Help_Me.

In the top 8, Saint made his way into winner’s finals after another 2-0 win over Dimeback. He moved on to face off against legendary Korean Tekken player Qudans, paving his way into grand finals after a 3-0 sweep.

Saint once again met Chanel in grand finals, a rematch of last year’s King of Iron Fist 2016 grand finals. Saint took the set with a decisive 3-1 victory, claiming 1st place at one of the year’s toughest tournaments.

With this victory, Saint gained 150 more Tekken World Tour ranking points.

Dreamolition Derby

JDCR opted not to attend Tokyo Tekken Masters with Saint and instead set his sights on Dreamolition Derby in Munich, Germany. This tournament was also a master-tier Tekken World Tour event, attracting some of Europe’s best players in a race for TWT ranking points.

JDCR stormed his way through the competition, qualifying for top 8 winner’s side. In his first match of top 8, JDCR defeated Bati 2-0 and moved on to meet Malekith in winner’s finals.

Determined to reach grand finals, JDCR advanced past Malekith 3-0 and fought CrazySuperAkouma in the championship match. Wanting to follow his teammate’s victory in Japan, JDCR also won first place at a master-tier TWT event after defeating Akouma 3-1.

JDCR’s victory in Germany awarded him 150 more Tekken World Tour ranking points.

The weekend was filled with Echo Fox victories and strong performances all around. With six separate 1st place finishes, the Foxes proved that they came to win. Watch for the team as they continue to battle in tournaments around the world.