Fighter's Spirit Live Update

April 14, 2018

Tokido started off his bracket taking down Almaloss 2-1 followed by Tekkenboy 2-1. Bbyongbbyong was Tokido's next victim as Tokido won 2-0 and Tokido then made it out of Pool 1 on Winner's side after beating KBrad 2-0. 

In top sixteen, Tokido lost to Nemo 0-2, sending Tokido to the Loser's Bracket. In Loser's top twelve, Tokido took down Infiltration 2-0 to secure a spot in top eight. Tokido's first opponent in top eight was HotDog29 who he took down HotDog29 3-2. Tokido finally met his match against Fuudo and lost 1-3, finishing the event in fifth.

Momochi swept his first three matches of Pool 5 2-0 against Laione, JeonDDing, and Cafesan. Momochi then took down M.Lizard 2-1 to make top sixteen.

Momochi's next opponent was HotDog29, who he took down 2-1. Now in top six, Momochi took on Nemo and unfortunately lost 0-3. Now in Loser's Quarterfinals, Momochi defeated stormKUBO 3-1 and secure a top four finish. In Loser's Semis, Momochi could not avenge Tokido against Fuudo and was eliminated in fourth after losing 2-3.