Gears of War June Recap

By Cas van Asseldonk
July 5, 2018

After a long period of success for the Gears team, Echo Fox updated their roster – keeping a few of their old veterans, as well as adding a lot of new, young talent. June was one of the first months for them to show off, as well as prepare for the upcoming New Orleans Open in July.

2K: June 3rd
After getting a bye for the first round, Echo Fox began their journey through this 2K fighting FMG GG, who they defeated with ease. They then fought in the round of sixteen and quarterfinals against LeGeNDaRY and we them boys, securing two more flawless wins. In the semi-finals, Echo Fox met with GoW3 LegendZ. The team fought hard to secure a spot for the finals but unfortunately were defeated 0-2. In the end, the team ended their 2K with a shared third place.

2K: June 10th
In the second week, the team received another bye in the first round and met Tu6 Famous in the round of sixteen, where they scored an easy victory. After that, the team was matched against FYC 6/10, who they again defeat with ease. In the quarterfinals the team took on The Gosu Crew but unfortunately lost the series, finishing the 2k in shared fifth place.

Following the two online 2Ks, the team ends June with not as much success as they’d hoped for but will fight hard to show their true strength in July, during the Gears Pro Circuit Open in New Orleans.