H1Z1 Pro League Week 10 Results

By Cas van Asseldonk
June 20, 2018

During the final week of the H1PL, Echo Fox was looking to solidify their position in the top five and maybe even shoot for the podium. With only two points separating them from second place, the team began their final week of the first official H1Z1 Pro League split.

Game 1
The team started in Ranchito, looting up for the match. They began to rotate but two members extremely early. Unfortunately, the team wasn’t able to recover and was eliminated as the first team without scoring a single point.

Game 2
The team started in Ranchito again and rotated to the safe zone. Due to an unlucky pinch, the team again lost members early in the game. Pineaqples managed to secure a single kill, but after that, the team began to fall. Echo Fox was eliminated in the fifteenth position, this time scoring one point.

Despite an unlucky final week, the team scored one single point and that one point is what saved their placement. In the end, the Foxes secure fourth place after the first H1Z1 Pro League split with 152 points, one single point above Epsilon. SetToDestroyX won the split with a grand total of 211.

Overall, Echo Fox can look back on an amazing first split, which included a lot of consistency in both points and placement. Even though the final week was their worst one so far, the team was able to maintain their fourth place position. The team floated around in the top half of the standings throughout the entire split but proved they belong at the top near the end. A combination of their game win in week seven, as well as many high-scoring games in the final weeks, helped launch Echo Fox up the standings. The team took home $6000 in prize money as part of their fourth-place finish.

While the H1Z1 Pro League will be on mid-season break for a while, Echo Fox will come back stronger and hungrier than ever when the second split begins later this year.