H1Z1 Pro League Week 8 Results

By Cas van Asseldonk
June 6, 2018

Last week the Foxes won their first round of the H1Z1 Pro League by winning game two of week seven. The first game wasn’t as successful, as the foxes only scored one point in that game. However, due to Luminosity JP2's game crashing at the very beginning of the game, H1Z1 Pro League officials decided to declare that week seven game one was invalid and would be replayed during week eight. The team lost one point, going from ninety-six to ninety-five. With the new point total, Echo Fox retained fifth place and is looking to close the gap to the top three.

Game 1
The team landed and rotated into the safe zone, claiming a location on Harris Ridge. Nearly no action lead to a chaotic mid-game, and the team survived without any fatalities or kills until thirteen teams remained. That’s when the team got aggressive, picking up two kills. A bit later, they caught Team Vitality off guard and traded four kills for only one death. With those eliminations, there were just six teams left. Echo Fox rushed down Rogue to pick up the seventh kill but lost one more member. The team entered the top five score multiplier but lost the final three players as they continued their assault against Rogue. With that, the team scored eleven points – ten more than what they would’ve had if the original week seven game had counted.

Game 2
The Foxes landed and looted their usual spot, confident from their strong first game. They started their rotation to the safe zone, just to the west of their initial position. The team set up on Greene’s Overlook, and as the game progressed the team had to rotate causing two players to be eliminated. They trade for one kill in return and were able to stabilize their position. The team managed to pick up an airdrop, with sloth getting the hunting rifle he’s known and feared for. Hunting rifle in hand, sloth quickly secured two kills. Unfortunately, the team lost two more players in a trade for one kill. Only Pineaqples remained with six other teams and he tried to stall as long as possible to enter the top five teams. Pineaqples was forced to rotate to the safe zone and ran into Luminosity Gaming. Despite falling to them, he managed to pick up three clutch shotgun kills. Echo Fox was eliminated in sixth and scores nine points from their seven kills.

Game 3
The third and final game began as Echo Fox landed in Ranchito, just outside of the safe zone. The team rotated inside the safe zone and sloth found yet another hunting rifle. Echo Fox cornered Alliance and picked up a kill without losing a player. The team found another kill before rotating to the next safe zone. Here, they encounter Impact Gaming and executed a strong attack getting five kills while only losing one member. Echo Fox lost members to a grenade but entered the top ten multiplier with two players left alive. The Foxes picked up another kill but at the price of another team member. With just one Fox remaining, he tried to stall long enough to reach the top five. Eventually, Echo Fox was finally eliminated from the game but had secured the 1.5x multiplier bringing their eight kills to a total of twelve points.

In total, Echo Fox showed up huge this week, playing three incredible games to show their dominance and consistency. In total, the team scored thirty-two points, adding up to one hundred twenty-seven in total. Echo Fox moved up to fourth place, only five points behind Rogue in third and nine behind Epsilon in second. Echo Fox has a five-point lead over TSM and eleven above Luminosity. With only two weeks left in the first split of the H1Z1 Pro League, the team will need to close out the split strong in order to continue climbing into the top three.