Icy Joins Echo Fox Gears of War Roster

By Tanner Hinders
May 31, 2018

During the last year of play, Echo Fox’s Gears of War team has dominated the competitive Gears of War scene. Even though the team has found great success, Echo Fox continues to set its goals even higher. Echo Fox is proud to announce that Nicholas “Icy” Cope has joined the Echo Fox Gears of War team.

Since joining the Gears pro scene during Gears of War 3, Icy has asserted himself as one of the best players in the game. Having played previously for top teams including Notorious, eUnited, and OpTic, Icy is no stranger to success. Icy will be also rejoining his former teammate Kenny on the Echo Fox roster. While on the OpTic roster last year, the two won almost every major championship in the Pro Circuit and will look to bring that winning tradition with them to Echo Fox.

“I am incredibly excited to add Icy to our revamped Gears roster,” said team coach Ryan Summers. “Icy brings a competitive fire that very few players possess, and we’re very excited to bring on board one of the best players in all of Gears. Our goal from here on out is to literally out work each and every team in the game, and make sure we’re the best possible team we can be.”

Echo Fox’s roster will now consist of Icy, Kenny, M Powerz, CriticalKyle, and FraNChiS. This could easily be the deadliest team Echo Fox has ever fielded for Gears of War. The combination of veteran knowledge and young talent will make Echo Fox a favored contender in upcoming 2Ks and majors. Follow Icy and the rest of the Echo Fox team as they fight to win Echo Fox’s first ever Gears of War Championship.