JDCR Wins TWFighter Major Tekken Event, Mew2King Secures Three Top 5 Finishes at The Big House 7

By Alex Beaven
October 9, 2017

Echo Fox had another busy weekend to begin the month of October, with two big fighting game events in Taipei and Detroit. Tokido, Momochi, JDCR and Saint all attended TWFighter Major this weekend, while Mew2King represented Echo Fox at The Big House 7.

TWFighter Major - Street Fighter V

Both Momochi and Tokido traveled to the TWFighter Major tournament, a Capcom Pro Tour Premier event in Taiwan. This event featured many of Asia’s strongest Street Fighter players, all fighting for late-season CPT ranking points.

Momochi had an impressive performance at TWFighter Major, fighting against tough competition throughout the event. Despite being sent to the loser’s bracket early on by Japanese player Emuemu, Momochi pushed forward and eventually defeated former Evo champion Infiltration 2-0 to advance out of pools.

Once out of pool play, Momochi ran into Taiwanese player Oil King. After winning the match 2-1, he advanced to face Yukadon. Unfortunately, he lost the match 2-1. Momochi finished in 17th place, earning 20 CPT ranking points for his performance.

Tokido also set out to dominate in Taiwan, making it out of his pool in the loser’s side of the bracket. In the bracket stage, he ran into Evil Genuises’ K-Bra and took a 2-0 victory to  make his way into the top 24. He also won 2-0 against Taiwanese player RB.

Advancing into the top 16 at TWFighter, Tokido found his opportunity to avenge Momochi when he took on Yukadon. Despite losing the first game of the match, Tokido fought his way to a 2-1 victory which sealed his spot in top 8.

Tokido’s first top 8 match pitted him against Daikoku Go, a Japanese Birdie player. Going all the way to the final round of this best-of-5 set, Tokido’s TWFighter run ended in 7th place after he lost 3-2. This strong performance by the Evo champion earned him 100 CPT ranking points as the Capcom Pro Tour nears its end.

TWFighter Major - Tekken 7

The Echo Fox Tekken team also attended TWFighter Major, where many Asian players looked to take home Tekken World Tour ranking points. With it serving as the final Master-tier ranking event before the SEA Major Regional-tier event arrives, Saint and JDCR both looked to solidify their point leads and lock in top-seed positions as the TWT Finals draw closer.

Saint had a great run at TWFighter Major, defeating close friend Jeondding 2-0 in pools and advancing to face Doujin in the top 16. Falling to Doujin 2-0, Saint recovered from this loss and won against Japanese player Pekos 2-0 to qualify for the top 8 from the loser’s side.

In another rematch of the KOIFT 2016 grand finals, Saint squared off against the newly-sponsored Chanel. Unfortunately, this latest matchup went in Chanel’s favor 2-1. Saint’s run in Taiwan resulted in 5th place. He took home 10 TWT ranking points for his efforts.

Meanwhile, JDCR also fought his way through pools at TWFighter Major. Facing Korean Devil Jin player Qudans, JDCR fell to the loser’s bracket after a 2-0 loss. JDCR then fought Lili Man in another attempt to qualify for top 8 He won 2-0 and moved on to face Knee.

Up against another legendary Korean Tekken player, JDCR faced Knee to begin his top 8 run. Looking calm and prepared, JDCR won 2-0 and moved on to face Kkokkoma, who he swiftly defeated 2-0 as well.

Advancing into the top 4, JDCR had the opportunity to avenge Saint as he faced Chanel to qualify for the loser’s finals. Confident and hungry to push forward, JDCR beat Chanel in a close 2-1 set to advance and face Doujin for a spot in grand finals.

Ready to face Doujin’s multiple characters, JDCR quickly made his way to grand finals after a 3-0 sweep. Seeking revenge against Qudans who knocked him into the loser’s bracket the day before, JDCR went into grand finals and reset the bracket after winning the first set 3-1.

In the final set of TWFighter Major, JDCR swept Qudans 3-0 to collect yet another 1st place finish as well as 150 TWT ranking points.

The Big House 7 - Super Smash Bros.

Meanwhile in Super Smash Bros., Mew2King traveled to Detroit, Michigan for The Big House 7, one of the most well-known Smash Bros. events in the world. Playing in both Melee and Smash for Wii U, Mew2King finished with strong results in three separate events.

In Smash for Wii U, Mew2King teamed up with Komorikiri in the doubles tournament. Though they lost to the team of ZeRo & Nairo in the winner’s semi-finals, Mew2King & Komorikiri fought their way through the loser’s bracket and defeated CaptainZack & Mistake for a spot in loser’s finals.

After losing a very close match against Light & Pugwest 3-2, Mew2King and Komorikiri ended their doubles run with an impressive 3rd place finish.

For his next event, Mew2King teamed with Panda Global’s Plup in Melee doubles. Making their way to the winner’s side of top 8 by defeating mayb & HT 2-0, the duo fell to loser’s bracket after losing to the daunting Alliance team of Armada & Android.

In the loser’s side of the Melee doubles top 8, Mew2King & Plup ran into trouble against Liquid’s Hungrybox & ChuDat. Pushing the match to a game 5, Mew2King & Plup fell 3-2 and finished their doubles run in 5th place.

Finally, in Melee singles, Mew2King again fought his way to top 8. Early on, he defeated Duck 3-1 and advanced to face his doubles partner Plup, who sent Mew2King to the loser’s bracket after another 3-1 set.

In the loser’s side of the bracket, Mew2King sprung back into action with a swift 3-0 sweep of Swedish Delight, marching onward to take on Tempo Storm’s S2J. With a commanding 3-1 victory over S2J to begin his top 8 run, Mew2King advanced to face Hungrybox.

Mew2King’s loser’s quarter-finals set against Hungrybox saw both players fighting for a spot in top 4 of The Big House 7. The best-of-5 match eventually went in Hungrybox’s favor, as Mew2King’s Fox did not prove strong enough to defeat the former Evo champion’s Jigglypuff. Falling 3-1, Mew2King took home an admirable 5th place finish among the very tough competition that was present at The Big House.

This past weekend’s large events showed how well Echo Fox’s players can perform under pressure. Moving forward, we anticipate many more strong showings that prove how dominant the Foxes can be when put to the test. Watch for Echo Fox to continue competing around the world as the month goes on!