MKLeo - “I will give it my all to break the 2GG Saga curse, no matter the cost.”

By Alex Beaven
November 1, 2017

Throughout the lifetime of competitive Smash Bros. Wii U, one of the highest honors for a competitive player has been 2GG holding a special “Saga” tournament to celebrate a player’s accomplishments. The time has finally come for MKLeo to receive his own Saga on November 4th, where Echo Fox’s young prodigy will be the star of the show.

Celebrating MKLeo

Ever since 2GG Saga events began, MKLeo has been an avid viewer. “Even when I could not travel to the US, I’ve admired 2GG events,” Leo said. Once he finally became able to travel to events in the United States, he knew exactly where he wanted to compete. “The simple thought of attending a 2GG event excited me.”

After winning ZeRo Saga, MKLeo dreamed of the day he would be celebrated with his own Saga. “For me, it is a big honor and a big accomplishment to have a 2GG Saga,” Leo said about finally being recognized for his skill as a competitor. “I must admit that my favorite events are 2GG Events.” No doubt, MKLeo will head into his 2GG Saga determined, yet excited.

Preparing for Battle

Although the Saga is in honor of MKLeo, this does not mean he will be taking it easy. Leo will be approaching the competitive side of this event the same as any other tournament, stating “I don’t have a specific preparation plan. I will train more than with past events, but nothing special. I have to look at the bracket to study my opponents.” Never slacking, MKLeo will keep composure as he heads for the championship crown.

At the event, MKLeo will be competing in numerous events, including singles, doubles with his competitive partner Javi, and a special Mexico vs. Japan crew battle. These events will all be starting and concluding on the same day, with the top 8 singles bracket rounding out the night.

Breaking the Curse

Adding to the pressure of the singles tournament is the curse that looms over all 2GG event honorees. Since the beginning of 2GG Saga tournaments, not a single player has won the event held in their honor. “I think these tournaments are designed so that no one breaks the “curse” to make the expectations higher for the next Saga,” Leo speculated. “They are probably going to put me in a very difficult part of the bracket with many disadvantages.”

Despite the factors possibly working against him, MKLeo believes in himself to break the 2GG Saga curse. “I will give it my all to make history and break the curse, no matter the cost.”

Watch as Echo Fox’s own MKLeo attempts to make history this weekend at the 2GG MKLeo Saga!