NA LCS 2018 Summer Split Week 3 Recap

By Tanner Hinders
July 5, 2018

After two weeks of the NA LCS Summer Split, Echo Fox was on top in first place with a 3-1 record. The team used a variety of different strategies and role swaps to pick up their early victories. As one of the most versatile and exciting teams in the league, all eyes were on Echo Fox as they faced two of their biggest tests in week three against Cloud9 and spring champion Team Liquid.

Team Liquid

Arguably the two strongest teams from the Spring Split, the bought between Echo Fox and Team Liquid was surrounded by excitement. The stakes were only raised as Echo Fox decided to use a funnel composition focused on Altec's Kai'Sa.

Unfortunately, Echo Fox's top and bottom lanes were taken down early in the game and were not able to get Altec off the ground. Without safe sidelanes to protect him, Altec was able to pick up a few kills but rarely win a fight. Once Echo Fox lost their first tower at ten minutes, Team Liquid to continued to snowball their lead and broke into the Fox base nine minutes later. One more ace was enough to seal the deal for Team Liquid. Altec tried his best to execute the funnel with four of the team's seven kills, but Team Liquid was too far ahead ending the game with twenty-eight total kills.


Echo Fox opted to use the funnel strategy once again against Cloud9. While they found similar results early in the game, Altec showed off his mastery of Lucian to carry his team to victory in the mid-game.

A level one invade gone wrong gave Cloud9 an early advantage. Huni had similar struggles in the early game by having only one kill but three deaths ten minutes in. Cloud9 pushed their advantage to quickly grow their lead by adding multiple towers and a drake. After twenty-minutes, Echo Fox began to stall in order to farm and avoid giving up the Baron buff. Their patience paid off when Altec stepped up in a fight to secure a pentakill and the Baron for Echo Fox.

Cloud9's five thousand gold advantage began to evaporate as Echo Fox used their new power to break into Cloud9's base. Altec and the rest of Echo Fox continued to pick fights until they found one outside of Cloud9's base that ended as a clean ace, including a triple kill from Altec. The undefended base then led to a Fox victory at thirty-seven minutes.

Going 1-1 in week three was enough to keep Echo Fox tied for first alongside TSM, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves. The NA LCS will take a weekend break for Rift Rivals before starting week four in two weeks. Cheer on Echo Fox, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves as they represent North America against Europe's top three spring teams.