ShahZam Officially Joins Echo Fox Roster

By TJ Porter
May 8, 2016

Echo Fox are pleased to announce that Shazeeb “ShahZam” Khan will be joining Echo Fox’s Counter-Strike team after a trial period of standing-in for the team’s former AWPer mOE.

ShahZam is an experienced AWPer who is well suited to fill mOE’s shoes. His two year career has included stints with Denial, Cloud 9, Tempo Storm, Conquest, and OpTic. He has led teams to first place finishes in the John Wick Invitational, Fragadelphia 5, and the ELEAGUE Road to Vegas Qualifiers.

Echo Fox has already benefited from ShahZam’s strong play. He led the team to their second ECS victory, defeating Without a Roof. His performance that match included an impressive 1v3 clutch on match point. His impact has even been felt in Echo Fox’s losses as he’s put up solid scores and secured a number of essential kills.

Echo Fox has been working to form a stable roster, an essential piece of the puzzle for top CS teams thanks to the communication and synergy required to compete. ShahZam’s addition to the team reunites him with former teammate Sean Gares, giving the team’s chemistry a boost.

The team is excited to have ShahZam come on full time.

"We are happy to make Shahzam officially an Echo Fox." Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall said, "He is a tremendous player who has added a ton to our CS:GO team. We are looking forward to seeing all the great things the team can accomplish in the current ECS league as well as the upcoming ELEAGUE."