Sloth Takes 8th Place, 10K takes 10th at H1Z1 Elite Series at Dreamhack Winter

By Cas van Asseldonk
December 4, 2017

Echo Fox’s H1Z1 team descended on Jönköping, Sweden for the H1Z1 Elite Series: Dreamhack Winter. The event featured both team and solo events.

Echo Fox’s 10k, HOOWy, and Prox were all invited to compete in the solo finals. Crank, Yogi, Pineaqples, and Sloth were placed into the solo qualifiers. Echo Fox’s five-man team was invited to the team finals based on the lineup’s previous performance.

Solo Event

The solo qualifiers were composed of two groups, with each group playing two matches. The top 20 players by combined score in each group advanced to the finals.

Solo Qualifier A

Game 1

The first safe zone started forcing everyone to the north-west of the map, near Harris Bluffs and Dragon Lake. Crank, the only Fox in group A, finished the game in 29th place, but not before getting a kill onto ImpactGEESH.

Game 2

The first safe zone of the second match formed near the mid-western part of the map, around the Hospital and Cranberry. Crank picked up a kill onto CLG’s CaLLzyy and moved to the next safe zone. He soon got into another fight with UG_RETH1NK and earned a second kill, but died to CLG’s Grimmybear in 24th place, landing him outside of the group’s top 20.

Solo Qualifier B

Game 1

Game 1’s first safe zone appeared in the eastern part of the map, forcing everyone to the church at the road in F6. Sloth picked up two early and Pineaqples scored a kill of his own with his crossbow. Soon after, Yogi claimed his first victim.

The zone started closing in more and more, forcing people closer together. Pineaqples found himself in a 1v1v1 with Pipeta and tommomate and killed them both. The fight left him weakened enough to fall to AZIO’s Rogue in 20th place.

Sloth picked up his third kill of the game onto Vitality’s Vago, and Yogi trade killed with siigN, ending his run in the first game in 7th place.

With the final 5 remaining, the safezone closed around the church. Sloth picked up a sniper rifle and with incredible skill he killed the final four enemies, one by one. Sloth took first place with a total of eight kills.

Game 2

The second game got off to a similar start as the first, with the safe zone forming in the east of the map. Pineaqples died in 43d place to Radek. His unfortunate early death, saw him miss out on qualifying for the finals.

The other Foxes continued their success from the first game of the qualifiers. Sloth quickly picked up two kills and a few minutes later earned a third. Meanwhile, yogi got his first kill of the game. As the players remaining in the game ticked down to 20, both Sloth and Yogi guaranteed themselves a spot in the finals by placing in the top 20 of both qualifying games.

Yogi died in 9th place, but for the icing on the cake, Sloth picked up a fourth kill before dying in fifth place.

The final standings for the group had Sloth winning Group B with the highest combined score, and Yogi finishing in 7th place.

Solo Finals

Game 1

The first game began with a safe zone around the top of the map, near Ranchito and the Dam.

HOOWy died early in the match to an early two-tap by 50shades, placing 59th. Meanwhile, Yogi picked up his first kill onto Hairyfrogbat and Prox killed Teeqzy.

10K fell in 36th place before being able to find a kill, leaving just Prox, Yogi, and Sloth alive.

Yogi picked up his first kill of the match, dropping MakeZ, but died to dafps in 20th place. Prox died soon after in 16th place. Sloth managed to score a kill before the game’s end but died to Shurimawizard in 11th place.

Game 2

The opening to game two saw a series of chaotic fights across the map.

Sloth picked up an early double kill onto apexshay and 50shades, as Prox died to DecoN in 51st place. The safe zone forced everybody together, intensifying the fighting and allowing Sloth to pick up his third and fourth kills.

Yogi was taken out by OliverGC in 19th place, and HOOWy died to Radek in 16th place. Sloth got killed soon after by TRIV in 14th.

With 8 people left alive10K picked up a kill onto Shurimawizard while letting OliverGC handle the rest of the competition. With just the two of them left alive, 10K pushed for the win, but OliverGC turned the fight around, leaving the Fox in second place.

Game 3

Game 3 started and Yogi died early to Huskers in 45th place. 10K died in 32nd to apexshay, but his strong placement in the previous game was enough to guarantee him a 10th place finish overall.

Prox picked up a kill onto ProdigyAces, but couldn’t heal up in time and died to the previous game’s winner, OliverGC.

HOOWy died in 14th place as Sloth picked up kills on Aydren and Geesh. Still low on HP from his last fights, he died to kevie1 in 14th place.

Sloth’s strong game 2 performance earned him 8th place overall. 10K’s consistency saw him taking 10th place.

Team Finals

Game 1

Game 1 started out poorly for the Foxes, as the team lost Crank to an incredible snipe by NERVw’s Pulse early on. With four Foxes still standing strong the team aimed to survive live as long as possible. In an attempt to distract the opposing teams away from Yogi and Pineaqples, Sloth and Prox drove a car into the middle of team Method. The attack saw both players dying, but not before taking out Method’s Ritz.

With still 12 teams remaining and just 2 Foxes left, the team opted to play defensively.

Pineaqples got his first kill onto Myth’s Noizeeh, eliminating the final member of that team. Yogi picked up a kill on PlusUltra’s Nebosuke and Pine earned a second kill on Era’s qtVenom.

Slowly the opposing teams started dropping, and Yogi and Pine’s defensive plan proved successful. Pine killed his third victim: PlusUltra’s bokumakaJPN and Yogi killed Bloodinfernoo, bolstering both their scores.

Eventually, the numbers advantage held by the other teams led to them being targeted. PlusUltra’s Nikenikepo and Impact’s Shellshock sought them out and kill the last two Foxes, who secured a fifth-place finish for the squad.

Game 2

Game 2 begun, and after a long period of looting the Pine fell to NERVw’s OB7. Sloth earned a revenge kill of NERVw’s Pulse, but Prox got killed in the process. A well-placed grenade by WBG’s CrozzoveR took out Crank and sloth, leaving just Yogi alive.

Left alone, Yogi attempted to stall, but he found himself trapped outside the safe zone and choked on the gas, giving Echo Fox a ninth-place finish for game 2.

Game 3

Game 3 started out much like the second game, with a long looting phase followed by a huge burst of action.

Crank picked up his first kill onto Impact’s Carta, but the Foxes were again unable to keep the whole squad alive as Pineaqples later died to Impact’s ShellShock.

From there, the Foxes were picked off by various teams as they tried to wind skirmishes. GEESH took out Crank, and eRa’s Bloodinfernoo killed Yogi. Vitality’s liaahM killed Prox and Era’s qtVenom killed Sloth. The team ended the third game in 8th place.

The combined scores from all three games saw Echo Fox taking 9th place overall. Keep an eye out for Echo Fox as the team continues on to the next stop of the H1Z1 Elite Series.