SonicFox Earns First in Injustice 2, Fighting Foxes Take Top 8 Finishes

By Alex Beaven
August 29, 2017

The Echo Fox fighting game team had quite a busy weekend, with players present at numerous events. From Absolute Battle 8 in Texas and Shine 2017 in Massachusetts, to the Hong Kong Esports Festival and LAN Story Cup in China, the Foxes claimed several victories and high placings.

Absolute Battle 8

The Texas event featured strong performances from Echo Fox in Injustice 2, Street Fighter V, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Absolute Battle 8 was both a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event as well as an Injustice Pro Series premier event.

In Injustice 2, both SonicFox and Theo battled their way into the winner’s side of the top 8 while Scar finished in 9th place, defeating many strong players before falling to A F0xy Grampa.

SonicFox squared off against Biohazard in the first match of the top 8, winning the set 3-1 and advancing to play against Noble’s Dragon who had just sent Theo to the loser’s bracket 3-0.

In Theo’s second top 8 match, he faced off against A F0xy Grampa in an elimination set. He avenged his Scar with a clutch 3-2 victory, moving on to face Biohazard in loser’s semifinals.

SonicFox made quick work of Dragon with a 3-0 sweep in winner’s finals, advancing to grand finals where he awaited the winner of loser’s finals.

Fighting his way to loser’s finals after defeating Biohazard 3-0, Theo came back from a 0-2 deficit against Dragon to win three games straight, creating an all Echo Fox grand finals.

In grand finals, SonicFox confidently swept through Theo in a 3-0 set, showing very strong usage of Black Canary’s move set. Echo Fox as a whole left its mark as the team to beat throughout the event.

With these Injustice 2 results, Scar walked away from Absolute Battle 8 with 25 more IPS points from his 9th place finish while Theo’s 2nd place earned him 160 points. Winning the event gained SonicFox 250 points, further solidifying his #1 spot on the Injustice Pro Series standings.

In Street Fighter V, Justin Wong managed to qualify for top 8 on the loser’s side of the bracket after defeating XsK_Samurai 2-1. To begin his top 8 run, Justin kept calm in a close 3-2 victory over Flash, advancing to face Alucard in the next round.

Justin managed to push Alucard to a game 5, but came up short against his competitor and ended his Absolute Battle 8 run in 5th place. With his placing, Justin collected 20 CPT points to keep fighting his way towards the Capcom Cup.

Justin Wong also made the top 8 of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, finishing in 5th place after falling to Canadian player PC Marvel God. Justin experimented with multiple characters during the event, playing his final match using a team of Zero/Doctor Doom/Vergil.

Shine 2017

Boston’s premier Super Smash Bros. event returned for another year with Shine 2017, where Mew2King and MKLeo both stood out in their respective competitions.

In the Melee doubles tournament, Mew2King teamed with Cloud9’s Mang0 and finished in 2nd place. The duo fell just behind CLG’s SFAT and PewPewU in a 3-1 grand finals set, which was a rematch of a close winner’s finals match which the CLG duo won 3-2.

For the Smash Wii U doubles event, MKLeo teamed up with 2GG’s Komorikiri to dominate the competition. The team steamrolled through the doubles event, taking 1st place without dropping a single match. The grand finals set saw the duo face off against Phoenix1’s Tweek and EMG Mistake. The match ended 3-0 in favor of MKLeo and Komorikiri.

In Smash Wii U singles, MKLeo made it into the top 8 through the winner’s side of the bracket after defeating Cloud9’s Ally in a 3-1 set. In his first match of top 8, Leo lost to TSM ZeRo 3-1.

Fighting in the loser’s bracket, Leo unfortunately fell 3-0 against P1 Tweek, finishing in 5th place despite a surprising character change to Toon Link late into the match.

In Melee singles, Mew2King made it to the winner’s side of the top 8 after a 3-1 victory over LG Ice. Mew2King dropped to the loser’s bracket, after a 3-1 loss to Liquid’s Hungrybox.

Mew2King met TSM Leffen in loser’s quarterfinals. He applied heavy pressure with Marth and advancing over Leffen 3-2 in a clutch performance.

Advancing in the tournament, Mew2King faced S2J in the next round. Fighting all the way to a game 5, Mew2King fell just short of a top 3 finish, losing the set 3-2 in a last-stock situation, ending his Shine 2017 run in 4th place.

Hong Kong Esports Festival

Momochi traveled to Hong Kong for the weekend to compete in the Hong Kong Esports Festival, a Capcom Pro Tour premier event. Among many of Asia’s top Street Fighter players, Momochi finished in 17th place after falling to the 5th place contestant Xiaobao.

Momochi did not leave empty handed, as his placement still awarded him 20 CPT points.

LAN Story Cup

Tokido fought against a separate set of top level Street Fighter players in Shanghai, China at the LAN Story Cup. Though it was not a Capcom Pro Tour event, many players that did not travel to Hong Kong instead competed in this tournament.

Tokido fought hard and made a deep run at LAN Story Cup, achieving 2nd place after a very close best-of-9 final. Tokido narrowly fell 5-4 to Razer Xian in a long, intense grand finals match.

It was an eventful and exciting weekend for Echo Fox’s fighters on all fronts. Keep an eye out for the Foxes as they battle through many more tournaments throughout the year.