Streaming All Stars Assemble for Echo Fox League of Legends Challenger Dream Team

June 2, 2017

Echo Fox, the premier esports organization, is making seismic moves with the bold signing of five, top-tier pros who will massively transform its League of Legends, Challenger team. Helping to lock in this roster is talent management house Everyday Influencers, who manage Imaqtpie, Dyrus and Scarra. The new players each have major brand recognition and followings from the gaming and livestreaming community.  The combined social reach of the entire team (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch) is a staggering 7.8 million. 

The All Star players joining the ranks include:

  • Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana
  • Marcus “Dyrus” Hill
  • William “Scarra” Li
  • Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani
  • Danny “Shiphtur” Le

“As a former pro athlete, I know what it takes to compete at the highest level. You need hard work, a positive mind, and to be surrounded by an equally motivated team,” said Rick Fox, owner of Echo Fox and a three time NBA champion. “You have to be in it to win it, and every one of these players has proved this time and time again, whether competing professionally or building their own brands and identities through livestreaming. These are tremendous athletes with tremendous identities, and we couldn’t be happier to have this dream team be a part of Echo Fox.” 

Former analyst Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman will serve as head analyst and facilitating team strategy will lead the team as it faces off against competitors later this month. Dyrus is among those chomping at the bit.

“I said I closed the book on my professional story but I’m opening it back up again. It’s time to write new pages in a new chapter with Echo Fox,” said Dyrus.  “I missed the energy of the crowd and the thrill of competition, and with a great player-focused organization like Echo Fox behind us, I get to focus on playing how I want to play.”

Dyrus expects “a different kind of team” from this group. “A bunch of washedup former pros are going to come in and win the Challenger series for Echo Fox. We’re going to play hard but we’re going to have more fun than anyone else.” 

Teaming with seasoned, legacy players like Imaqtpie is a big part of the equation according to Jace Hall, CEO

of Echo Fox, the esports entity of private equity firm Vision Venture Partners. “You don’t lose your ability to be a great gamer over time, and you definitely don’t lose your passion,” Hall said. “These guys have all those qualities along with the X factor of being exceptionally entertaining, proven by their massive experience with Twitch.”

Hall also believes long-time fans will be excited to see this group of name stars competing on the same team.  “When these guys play, you’re going to see high level play unlike anywhere else,” said Hall.  “Honestly, we not only did this for the fans but for the entire tapestry of the video game culture which speaks to the potential longevity of esport athletes. We talked to the former pros and we knew they wanted to get back in. It’s what they wanted and it’s what their fans wanted. All we’re doing is helping facilitate something really fun and cool for esports.” 

About Echo Fox

Echo Fox, the esports entity of Vision Venture Partners (VVP), is quickly becoming among the most respected esports organization in the world, setting the standard for professionalism, team achievement, player development and fan engagement.  By recruiting and advancing top athletes, Echo Fox is making moves on the digital playing field. To date, the organization boasts over 40 roster players competing in 12 different esports arenas. The company, based in Beverly Hills, follows the credo “we recruit the best and expect the best.” 

About Vision Venture Partners

Vision Venture Partners (VVP) is a private equity firm formed by Amit Raizada, Rick Fox and Stratton Sclavos. Drawing on its Partners many decades of business and personal success, VVP is focused on finding or creating operating companies in a wide variety of high-growth markets including technology, esports and video gaming, digital content production and lifestyle brands in food and beverage. VVP is focused on finding and nurturing entrepreneurs and companies that are building a new generation of services for the Generation Always consumer – today’s consumer who is always connected, always social, always fun, always mobile, always interacting, always multitasking, always serious, always aware. 

Through the principals’ experience, relationships and access to capital, VVP provides its operating companies with a proven recipe for long term success - hire the right people, develop a compelling product or service, execute an aggressive go-to-market strategy and efficiently deploy capital to grow and capture a leadership position in the market.