Summit of Power Recap

By Tanner Hinders
June 12, 2018

Last weekend, the Summit of Power was hosted by Beyond the Summit for new fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ. Inviting only sixteen players, the Summit of Power was the greatest test of skill for the game's best competitors. Echo Fox's own SonicFox was among the first two players invited to the prestigious event alongside his rival GO1. SonicFox was joined by his teammate dekillsage who was voted into the Summit by fans. Both players had amazing weekends with dekillsage placing in thirteenth and SonicFox finishing in second place after falling to NRG's HookGangGod in the Grand Finals.

During the group stage, SonicFox started off hot by sweeping UYU's Cloud805 in three games before moving on to beat ApologyMan 3-1. SonicFox secured first place in his group as well as a spot in the Winner's Bracket by taking down CAG's Fenritti in three games. Unfortunately, dekillsage did not find the same success as he lost to both Kazunoko and HookGangGod. In order to avoid placing last in groups, dekillsage swept Coalition Gaming's Yohosie but he still ended in the Loser's Bracket.

Against Cloud805, dekillsage was able to even the set at one game apiece but couldn't hold on much longer. After falling to Cloud805, dekillsage was eliminated from the Summit of Power in thirteenth. SonicFox continued to show his skill on winner's side by sweeping moke in his first set. In Winner's Semi-finals, SonicFox was upset by Fenritti and GO1 also fell to HookGangGod. After being sent to Loser's Bracket, SonicFox won a tough five-game set against Kazunoko to move onto the Loser's Semi-final. Most players and fans predicted SonicFox and GO1 to play each other in the Grand Finals, but that was not the case at the Summit of Power. One of the two would move on to Loser's Finals while the other would finish fourth.

Following a similar style to their previous fights, the series went to a deciding fifth game. In this instance of the rivalry, SonicFox emerged victoriously and was able to keep his championship dream alive. Following the match, SonicFox also challenged GO1 to a first to ten set at CEO this year to prove he had officially surpassed GO1. However, SonicFox quicky needed to prepare for his match against Fenritti. Revenge came quickly for SonicFox as he swept Fenritti 3-0 to move on to the Grand Finals. This came as a surprise to many since it set up an all-American Grand Finals. While SonicFox was able to reset the bracket, he could not beat HookGangGod a second time. After losing the second set of Grand Finals, SonicFox finished the Summit of Power in second place.

Even though he did not win the championship, SonicFox accomplished his goal of taking down GO1. The two Dragon Ball gods are sure to clash again this year, possibly before the end of the June at CEO. Regardless of their performance at the Summit, both SonicFox and dekillsage have cemented themselves as two of the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players in the world.