Clement "JerkChicken" Graham
Hailing from London, England, Clem was the second-ever professional battle royale player, and will be lending his leadership as a professional to the roster. With nearly 16 years of gaming under his belt, Clem is ready to bring home the title of the latest battle royale esport.
Janne "Ziki" Sajomaa
Known for high highly skilled play, combining excellent movement with precise aim, Ziki joins the team from Finland.
Ludvig "Stormen" Storm
Stormen comes from Sweden and has gained a large streaming audience for his exciting play.
Miguel "Pineaqples" Lopez
Miguel "Pineaqples" Lopez is a well-known twitch streamer that proven his skill as a competitor. He earned fifth place at both the H1Z1 Fight for the Crown and the Atlanta Elite Series team events, and scored 6th place finish in first game of the solo 2016 invitationals. He now streams all Battle Royale games.
Justin "Mini" Summe
Justin "Mini" Summe is one of the most aggressive solo Battle Royale players and currently holds the world record, at 33, for the most eliminations in a solo Battle Royale. Mini loves Battle Royale games and has been advancing competitive gameplay since the beginning by leading his 2015 H1Z1 Showdown team (TA)to victory and by creating the H1Z1 solo tournament scene, the Champions Arena.