Samson “Lourlo” Jackson
After a tough year on Golden Guardians, Lourlo is eager to prove himself again to be part of the upper echelon of top laners in North America. His skill on assassins is surely a force to reckon with. Sharing the lane with Solo, the two will bring different strategies and identities to the team.
Colin “Solo” Earnest
Coming off his LCS debut with Clutch Gaming, Solo is looking to make a name for himself among the best domestic top laners. With experience holding his own against international stars, Solo aspires to recreate success on Echo Fox similar to his Spring Split 2018 run. Sharing the lane with Lourlo, the two will bring different strategies and identities to the team.
James “Panda” Ding
Continuing the legacy of picking up Scouting Grounds junglers, we'd like to welcome Panda to Echo Fox. After being invited to the 2018 Scouting Grounds, Panda was the third overall pick being drafted by Team Infernal Drake represented by TSM and C9. Under the guidance of our veteran roster, Panda is looking to make his mark on the North American Pro Scene.
Kim “Fenix” Jae-hun
We’re happy to welcome Fenix back to the Fox Family! In the 2018 Spring Split, Fenix once again proved his laning prowess and ability to use his aggression to snowball matches. Paired with an aggressive jungler like Rush and the strategic coaching of head Ssong, Fenix will be able to transition his early game leads into a mid and late game leader for the team.
David "Yusui" Bloomquist
Yusui made his professional debut in the 2015 NA Challenger series as mid laner for Cloud 9 Tempest. His aggressive playstyle has consistently landed him top 15 in NA solo queue. After taking a short break from professional play he is making his return to the competitive scene with Echo Fox and is looking to dominate mid in the NA Academy league.
Apollo “Apollo” Price
Apollo is the veteran on the roster with five years of LCS experience. Reuniting with his former Clutch Gaming teammates, His experience and skill will provide a consistent threat from the bot lane especially when paired with his former teammate Hakuho. Known for his ability to perform on every ADC playstyle, Apollo is confident that he can once again compete with North America’s best.
Lawrence "Lost" Hui
Lost is a young AD Carry talent hailing from New Zealand. He has been playing League of Legends since the age of fourteen and made his competitive debut at seventeen with Chiefs Black before moving to Tainted Minds. He debuted with Echo Fox for the Academy 2018 Spring split helping his team take second overall. He joined the LCS roster during the 2018 Summer Split and held his own against North America's best. In 2019, Lost looks to continue to grow and build on his 2018 success.
Lee “Fill” Hyo-won
After qualifying for the 2016 North American Scouting Grounds, Fill has played in the NA Challenger Series and Academy Series under the CLG banner for the past two years. After dominating 2nd in the 2018 Summer Academy Split, Fill is looking to once again contend for the title with a new set of teammates.
Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent
Known for his insanely accurate skill shots, players often replace landing a skillshot with pulling a Hakuho. Due to his mastery of aggressive supports like Thresh and Morgana, look for Hakuho to be making highlight plays throughout the game while dominating lane phase with his former teammate Apollo.
Mike "MikeYeung" Yeung
MikeYeung had an explosive start to his career reaching Challenger at age 13, and then getting picked up by Pheonix 1 and earning NALCS Rookie of the Year in 2017. He may be best known for his performance in 2017 Rift Rivals, where his team secured the victory for North America. Despite his young age, MikeYeung brings a wealth of experience to Echo Fox and is eager to show what he's learned from his time with TSM and TLA, and prove that he is the strongest Jungler in NA.
Kim "Ssong" Sang-soo
Head Coach
Ssong cemented his name in esports coaching history by leading the ROX Tigers to a 2nd place finish at Worlds 2015 and a 3rd-4th place finish at Worlds 2016. After moving to NA, Ssong received the 2017 NALCS Summer Coach of the split for his time at Immortals Gaming. Ssong has continuously proven himself as one of the world’s elite coaches and we're excited to see where he can take Echo Fox in 2019.
Josh Mabrey
Academy Coach
Mabrey is a veteran player relatively new to the coaching scene. His competitive debut started in 2014 where he played ad carry for Complexity Gaming. In 2018, Mabrey joined Echo Fox as a bot lane positional coach and closed out the season playing Support on our Academy team. Now he’s looking to once again enter the coaching realm and make his mark as our Academy head coach.
Tyler Perron
Assistant Coach
Tyler started his career as an analyst working for various LCS and Challenger teams. In 2018, Tyler joined Golden Guardians and quickly rose up the ranks, finishing the year as their head coach. Tyler's expertise in chemistry building and balancing rosters will compliment Head Coach Ssong as they guide our revamped roster through the long 2019 season.
Jim Morrison
Head Analyst
Jim Morrison returns to Echo Fox for his third year as Head Analyst. Jim supports the team with his comprehensive understanding of data and analytics, helping both players and staff improve and grow. Jim also serves as General Manager for Echo Fox's Shadowverse players.