Aidan "Cure Mango" Hutchinson-Chee
Since the Shadowverse release in 2016, Cure Mango has been one of the most active players in the competitive scene. Cure Mango has gained a large following as one of the most active Shadowverse Twitch streamers, providing fans with fundamental game play and tips. After winning Season 1 of the Shadowverse Open, Cure Mango has consistently been one of the strongest players in the game. With Echo Fox, Cure Mango has his eyes set on the million dollar prize of the Shadowverse World Grand Prix.
Arthur "Gengur" Lee
Gengur has been playing Shadowverse since the game's release and has consistently proven his skill against the games top talent. Participating in multiple community tournaments, Shadowverse Challenge Tournaments, the SVO, and more, it is rare for Gengur to place outside top eight.